What is Coaching and what are its benefits?
Coaching is revolutionary for several reasons:
First of all, Coaching as a collaborative dialogue of personal development and perpetual learning is a revealing and creative process of realizing personal or team dynamics. What lies in the centre is the client’s vision, which is achieved within the framework of Coaching. The starting points of change consist of a positive attitude and the client’s “resources”. During the coaching process are developed outlooks and options for effectiveness and goal achievement. The client is called to act, to take responsibility of his decisions, while cultivating at the same time the listening of his “will,” his physical curiosity and intuition.

Revolution through equitable discussion and cooperation!
In Coaching, the classical model of expert and ignorant, that exists in psychotherapy or counseling is overturned. Coachee is the expert who knows much better than the coach what he needs and what he wants to succeed.

Personal growth is also a personal revolution!
The coach supports the client to evolve: unfolding his personal obstacles, discovering his inner stock and envisioning his self-realization. With great respect, the coach reinforces the coachee’s attempt to improve inefficient behaviours and to chose alternative scenarios.

Only people with self-knowledge and goals can make “revolutions”!
By discovering new perspectives and choices, the coachee will learn to create the conditions for realizing his personal and professional potential and will take responsibility for his choices.

How Does Coaching Help Us?
The coachee
• Understands what prevents him from working in the desired way either in his personal life or in his profession.
• Approaches and achieves its goals.
• Develops creativity and efficiency.
• Strengthens his / her abilities and skills.
• Learns to handle emotions and thoughts.
• Learns to handle situations.
• Discovers balances and alternatives.