The composite substantive CineQuium was created by the words cinema and colloquium. The idea of CineQuium is thus derived from the Greek word “ψυχαγωγία” (psychagogia), which might be translated as “entertainment”, but actually means “soul’s cultivation”. And what’s the best way to achieve this? Art and self-knowledge, of course!

Using cinema as a vehice, leads us to paths of personal and professional fulfillment. Only by cultivating our soul to cope with the challenges of everyday life can we withstand our existential anxiety.

CineQuium sums up three of my great affections: art, science and self-awareness. And as with the love that you have to take care of so that it can return your “investment”, I have also made sure to link literature and cinema to the science of psychology and coaching to help me better understand myself and others around me. And I had definitely refund: the combination of those three affections makes me shine!

Additionally, the idea of ​​the CineQuium project emerged from three personal needs:
* First of all, I was always intrigued by the question of why and how we see films. So, I wanted to understand and decode all these endless debates that arise after watching a film.
* Secondly, I have always been of the opinion that science must be at the service of man so that he can increase his cultivation level either through technological achievements or through self-knowledge. Often, science must go beyond the academic autism to be accessible to both the unskilled worker and the nobel laureate. Therefore, “translating” the specialized scientific conclusions into a simple language regarding the reception of films, covers the need of many of us to “understand what excites us”.
* Thirdly, I believe that in today’s era, the key role of entertainment has been neglected and slandered by focusing on performance, efficiency and profit. However, both professionally and personally, we only perform well when we meet our needs and find meaning in our activities.

On this basis, via CineQuium I am feeding my three great passions: I live for the moment I see the “aha! effect” on the coachee’s look, that is, the magical moment of awareness, when I see in his face that his horizons open. I love to support the coachee to dream, learn, not to be afraid of the change that awareness brings with it and manage this new enlightment. I am thrilled to empower the coachee to address personal and professional challenges and to strengthen his skills in order to give meaning to his choices. Because only this way he will compose his own life story and gain a place in the memory of mankind.

To summarize, because I found out that the same need was shared by many of my students, collegues and clients, I designed the CineQuium project, which has as a general goal the self-awareness through entertainment.
The CineQuium project
• it is characterized as an applied science because the robust scientific background (which is) is explained in simple words, mainly in the framework of the two e-learning programs of the University of Athens, but also in seminars and experiential workshops Cinematherapy and Cinema-Coaching
• uses cinematic tools to create channels of communication with man as a whole (body, soul and spirit) through psychotherapy and coaching.
• it first aims at self-consciousness and awareness, and then in development and self-realization.

So, let’s sceen our potential!