With cinema as a vehicle, we are moving towards realizing our vision! By combining coaching techniques with the film’s narrative, we see the past, present and future under a new light. The basic principles of coaching are supported by the use of motion pictures that stimulate learning and change. The phrase “example to be imitated” plays a key role in the process of Cinema-Coaching: we can draw through the films analogous examples that give us the ability to “monitor” the way in which cognitive and emotional processes unfold and are dealt with.

What is Cinema-Coaching?
A coaching tool that

  • serves personal and professional development goals
  • deploys psychological and cognitive functions activated during film viewing
  • motivates action
  • focuses on the futur

What is NOT Cinema-Coaching?
It does NOT

  • aim to cure
  • treat psychopathological cases
  • analyse the causes of a problematic behaviour
  • focus on the past

Why Cinema-Coaching?
Because it…

  • is ideal for working with all age groups
  • gets immediately and straight to the point
  • affects people both consciously and subconsciously
  • visualizes alternative role models
  • is tailor-made to the needs and potentials of each client
  • offers alternative behavioural scenarios
  • presents a realistic model of change

In what context does all this happen?

  1. In lectures
  2. In group coaching workshops (open Cinema-Coaching groups)
  3. In team coaching workshops in a corporate environment.
  4. In individual coaching sessions with the contribution of Cinema-Coaching.
  5. In special designed Cinema-Coaching trainings, coaching techniques and tools are used to guide personal development, change management, gender diversity, agility, conflict management and other soft skills, in both the personal and professional sectors.

Which coaching niches can Cinema-Coaching enrich?

  • life coaching
  • career coaching
  • business coaching
  • executive coaching
  • academic coaching
  • (women’s) leadership coaching