Dr. Lilian Tsiavou
Coach, Theoretician of the Psychoanalytic Approach to Literature and Cinema, Speaker

Dr. Lilian Tsiavou, has furthered her studies in the psychoanalytic approach of Literature and Cinema by her coaching training (Personal & Executive Coaching (Kingston College & Positivity Coaching) in programs recognized by ICF (International Coach Federation). In this way, she has explored her interest in the development and cultivation of human beings. Her academic background has been very usefull for Cinematherapy, which she communicates via the e-learning programs of Cinematherapy and Cinematherapy: Experiential applications at the University of Athens. Above all, however, it helped her to create Cinema-Coaching, which combines entertainment and self-improvement. This is how she discovered that self-realization is not as difficult as it sounds, if it is combined with amusing stimuli. Since then she inspires people to reinforce their potential and realize it through Cinema-Coaching. She applies it to personal sessions as well as group and self-awareness seminars in the context of Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Career Coaching and Executive Coaching.

In recent years she participated in the art4more Art and Mental Health Festival, has worked as a business coach for Solidarity Mission and is a volunteer to the NGO of PamEmmazi offering self-awareness seminars for Cinema-Coaching. She was the coordinator and organizer of the Film and Cinema Section at the NEFELE Festival (October 2016). Besides that, she has been active in the field of Lifelong Learning, Adult and Continuing Education, having taught in the “Academy of Plato” program at the University of Athens. She has been conducting seminars of popular science on the subject of Psychoanalysis and Cinema, Cinematherapy and Cinema-Coaching in collaboration with various institutions [Philadelphia Association, Goethe Institute, Gnorizo & Orizo, Polis, Ianos].



Publications and Seminars

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